Every Baldur Homes RTM
is Built:

- With Top Quality Building Materials
- With Certified Inspection at the Required Stages
- With One Piece I-Joist Floors Wherever Possible.         
- By the Best Trades People, No Cutting Corners by Using Cheap Trades.
- With Excellent Workmanship
- To Meet & Exceed Expectations & Modern Specifications
- To Any Stage You Require

Our History & Past Builds
Baldur Homes can provide you with several options when building / buying a custom Baldur Homes RTM.  They will build the RTM to whatever stage you require either on-site or ready to move.  They offer a 'no pressure' approach to designing your dream home and are willing to make sure you get what you want.

Baldur Homes also offers Window & Door Sales.
Did You Know?
  Baldur Homes
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                                     RTM OR SITE BUILT CUSTOMS